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Title & Author(s)
Sector analysis of Turkish markets using the Promethee method
Hakan Altin
Influnce of socio-demographic characteristics, financial literacy and mood on financial risk tolerance
Ali Osman Oztop, Ezgi Kuyu
Effects of Industry 4.0 on marketing strategy, an application on Turkish Auto Industry: a research among auto executives in Turkey
Mehmet Korhan Hasmet, Ali Murat Ferman
The role of financial developments, education and economic growth on environmental quality in Cameron
Aboubakary Nulambeh Ndzembanteh, Kadir Yasin Eryiğit
Casual relation between number of tourists and exchange rates: an implementation for Turkey
Rahmi Incekara
The globalization indicators and tourism development: a dynamic panel-data analysis for Mediterranean countries
Tuba Gulcemal
The relationship among sovereign credit risk premium, sovereign bonds and currency rates in fragile three countries
Tugba Akin, Emre Isikli