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Title & Author(s)
Is Harberger-Laursen-Metzler Hypothesis valid in Turkey?
Okyay Ucan, Ayse Ergin Unal
Ownership structures and characteristics influence on audit fee
Juan Octavianus Harahap, Andrian Budi Prasetyo
Announcement effect anomaly and its determinants on seasoned equity offerings: evidence from Turkey
Mustafa Cikrikci, Mustafa Ozyesil
The effects of ownership structure on financial performance of enterprises in the light of accounting based performance indicators: a research on the firms traded on the BIST industrial index
Gokhan Ozer, Ali Korhan Ozen
Determinants of exchange rate volatility: empirical evidence for Turkey
Zerrin Kilicarslan
A study on the effect of independent audit support of KOSGEB to lead SMEs auditing
Efe Adnan Toprak, Ozgur Teraman
Selection of optimal renewable energy investment project via fuzzy ANP
Serhan Hamal, Ozlem Senvar, Ozalp Vayvay