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Title & Author(s)
The meaning and practice of inclusion AMIDST gender diversity on boards of public sector organizations in Uganda
Regis Namuddu M., Nabasirye Massy, Kehbuma Langmia
Discovering harmony: unravelling the work-life balance of hotel employees in Oman: an explorative study of luxury hotels in Muscat
Raja Tumati, Mithaa Al-Salmi
Integrating cybersecurity risk management into strategic management: a comprehensive literature review
Filiz Mizrak
The influence of employees’ communication on the practices of occupational health and safety in small scale mining firms inTanzania
Dominic Nkolimwa
Consumer’s buying behavior on cotton clothing between the age group 18-24
Siddhartha Gupta, Mohammad Ali
Failures prevention methods for sustainability of production-failure modes and effect analysis in a business: a case study
Aysenur Erdil, Hikmet Erbiyik