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Title & Author(s)
Does demography matter in nonverbal communication between physician and patient
Indrianty Sudirman, Indahwaty Sidin
The association between perceived job insecurity and career commitment in hospitality sector: the role of support at work
Banu S. Unsal Akbiyik
A perception study on learning through teamwork
Pinar Falcioglu, Selen Sabah
Business and information system strategic alignment: determinants and impact on rural bank organizational performance
Toto Sugiharto, Novita Sulistiowati, Rina Nofiyanti
Life and work place choices of the creative class in cities: the case of Istanbul
Pinar Falcioglu, Ali Levent Kurtoglu
Financial services without intermediaries: benefits and effects of central banks doing business directly with corporates
Cuneyt Dirican
The effects of paternalistic leadership on organizational identification: the mediating role of trust in leader
Nurcan Hakan Ciraklar, Zeki Ucar, Oytun Boran Sezgin
Effects of the performance-based remuneration system: what do nurses think?
Mustafa Demirkiran, Mehmet Yorulmaz, Sultan Unal, Serap Taskaya, Oguzhan Carikci
The impact of transformational leadership on management innovatıon: an empirical research in Turkey
Faruk Kalay, Turgay Ozturk
The dynamics and decision making process of conducting post-graduate study in school of Management
Kamaludin, Berto Usman