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Title & Author(s)
Immigrant entrepreneurship in Turkey: history, development and current market
Mohammad Moiz, Canberk Turkec
105 - 113
The effects of airport slot allocation method on competition: Empirical analysis of competition through slots at JFK International Airport
Cem Avci, Savas S. Ates
114 - 121
Effect of export learning capability and management experience on export performance
Nader Salehi, Sahar Jamshidi
122 - 132
Understanding the renewal of value creation activities in an environment of technological turbulences
Mustafa Dayioglu, Fatma Kusku
133 - 146
Inspiration on strategy as practice from past to the present
Fatma Gulruh Gurbuz, Mujdelen Ipek Yener, Sevde Nur Yukaripinar, Huseyin Huseyinzade
147 - 155
Brand equity, brand loyalty and the mediating role of customer satisfaction: evidence from medical cosmetics brandsbr
Mohammad Karami
156 - 171
Do consumers with high need for uniqueness pay more? a study of the relationship between consumer need for uniqueness (CNFU) and willingness to pay (WTP)
Anil Savas Kilic, Cem Duran
172 - 183
Development and validation of organizational parochialism scale
Murat Ozpehlivan
184 196