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Title & Author(s)
Performance analysis of the restaurant and hotel industry: evidence from Borsa Istanbul
Nida Turegun
An evaluation on inflation in Turkey after 1980 and the analysis of relationship between inflation, interest rate and exchange rate
Begum Erdil Sahin, Deniz Dilara Dereli
Energy price shocks and dynamics of current account in Turkey: a FAVAR Approach
Bige Kucukefe
The effect of corporate governance regulations in stock markets on board and capital structures of companies: an application on Borsa Istanbul
Cuneyd Ebrar Levent
A different approach to the relation between imports and inflation inTurkey: Dutch disease illustration
Rıdvan Karacan, Vedat Cengiz, Zisan Yardim Kilickan
Gender differences in the retirement behaviour of the elderly using non-linear decomposition methods
Makbule Gulbin Erdem