Journal of Business, Economics and Finance (JBEF) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly and publicaly available journal. The journal aims to provide a research source for all practitioners, policy makers and researchers working in the area of business, economics and finance. The Editor of JBEF invites all manuscripts that include theoretical and/or implementive research on topics related to the interest areas of the Journal.

Title & Author(s)
Sustainability Of Fiscal Policy: An Empirical Examination For Turkish Economy
Başak Dalgıç, Pelin Varol İyidoğan, Eda Balıkçıoğlu
The Effect of Socio-demographic Variables on Entrepreneurial Marketing among Potential SME Owners: A Case Study in Turkey
Dilek Penpece
The Impact Of Ceo Stock Option Expensing As Per Sfas 123 (R) On Earnings Quality
Veronica Paz, Syed Zaidi
Innovation In The Cooperation Of University –Industry
Yasemin Telli Üçler
The Effects Of Weather On Investor Behavior: A Study On Individual Turkish Stock Market Investors
Süleyman İç, M. Burak Kahyaoğlu, Devlet Odabaş
Modelling And Forecasting Of Turkey Current Account Imbalance With Threshold Autoregressive Models
Işıl Akgül, Selin Özdemir
Influence Of Opinion Leaders On The Diffusion Of Innovative Products: A Study On Smartphone Users
Yusuf Karaca, Ahmet Uyar
A Multifactor Pricing Model For Cat Bonds In The Secondary Market
Laura Gomez, Ulises Carcamo
Capital Distribution in the Banking Industry
Monica Banyi, Susan Porter, Susan Williams

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