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Title & Author(s)
Analyzing mobile banking quality factors under neutrosophic set perspective: a case study of Turkey
Serpil Altinirmak, Basil Okoth, Mustafa Ergun, Caglar Karamasa
Analysis of unemployment hysteresis in Turkey: structural break unit root test
Aylin Idikut Ozpence, Eren Ergen
The cointegration relationship between bitcoin prices and major world stock indices: an analysis with ARDL model approach
Cuneyt Dirican, Ismail Canoz
Analysis of the relationship between BIST and BRICS stock markets in terms of portfolio diversification: cointegration analysis with ARDL boundary test
Muslum Polat, Eray Gemici
Determinants of bank profitability: evidence from listed and non-lısted banks in Turkey
Murat Belke, Esra Aydin Unal
Short and long-term causality relations between broad money and crude oil, exchange rate, commodity option volatilıties
Kaya Tokmakcioglu, Oguzhan Ozcelebi

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