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Title & Author(s)
Relationship between emotional intelligence and conflict resolving styles: a study in tourism sector (Osmaniye sample)
M. Fedai Cavus, Emre Yakut, Ergun Kara
Demographic diversity in the boardroom: evidence from Borsa Istanbul
Emrah Arioglu
An examination of consumers’ perceptual differences of store names in Turkish language and foreign languages and a phonetical examination of connoted metaphores
Yeliz Bas, Remzi Altunisik
Accounting education at faculty of economic administrative sciences in Kyrgyzstan universities and expectation of students from accounting education, a case study in Bishkek
Selcuk Kendirli, Yakup Ulker, Adilya Yamaltdinov
Workplace collaboration: key to sustenable enterprise success in Nigeria’s manufacturing sector
Patrick Nkiinebari Nwinyokpug
The profit in proprietary education: an exploratory examination of student loan rates and earnings
Evaluation of staff working in service sector attitudes towards innovation management
Mustafa Bayhan , Celalettin Serinkan, Gulsah Arat
Analysis of obstacles to uptake of internet banking services in Nigeria
M. Edwin Agwu