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Title & Author(s)
Multi-dimensional measure of strategy development process from a different context: an empirical research on Turkish managers
Zafer Ozleblebici
Estimating average lifespan and expected costs for chronic kidney failure (ckf) in Turkey
Imran Aslan
Determinants of capital structure in various circumstances: could they be similar?
Ghassan Omet, Talal Al-Sharari, Bashar Abu Khalaf, Hadeel Yaseen
The relationship between organizational culture and the environmental management perception of employees: a research on green star hotels
Orhan Akova, Ayşe Gözde Yaşar, Ahmet Aslan, Gurel Cetin
A research about the relationship of psychological safety and organizational politics perception with compulsory citizenship behavior and the pressures behind compulsory citizenship behavior
Suzan Ece Alkan, Tulay Turgut
Comparative analysis of EU countries and Turkey in terms of innovation performance
Nuray Tezcan