Journal of Business, Economics and Finance (JBEF) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly and publicaly available journal. The journal aims to provide a research source for all practitioners, policy makers and researchers working in the area of business, economics and finance. The Editor of JBEF invites all manuscripts that include theoretical and/or implementive research on topics related to the interest areas of the Journal.

Title & Author(s)
The effect of firm size on profitability: evidence from Turkish manufacturing sector
Ozcan Isık, , Esra Aydin Unal, Yener Unal
Investor sentiment in the crisis periods: evidence from Borsa Istanbul
Zeliha Can Ergun, M. Banu Durukan
The effect of macroeconomic uncertainty on firm profitability: a case of BIST non-metallic mineral products sector
Information communication technologies export and economic growth relationship: an analysis on selected countries
Nazife Ozge Kilic, Bengu Acdoyuran, Huseyin Serhan Calhan
Economic impacts of climate change on agriculture: empirical evidence from the ARDL approach for Turkey
Yasemin Dumrul, Zerrin Kilicarslan
The importance of web atmospherics with emphasis on visual complexity in online retailing based on S-O-R paradaigm
Nesenur Altinigne, Elif Karaosmanoglu
The impact of social capital on market exploration and exploitation with mediating role of internal communication
F. Gulruh Gurbuz, Mujdelen I.Yener, Zeynep Kabadayi Kuscu
Financial applications of stable distributions: implications on Turkish Stock Market
Hulya Basegmez, Elif Cekici
Analysis of occupational health and safety data between 2003 -2015 in Turkey
Muge Ensari Ozay, Selden Coskun

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