Journal of Business, Economics and Finance (JBEF) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly and publicaly available journal. The journal aims to provide a research source for all practitioners, policy makers and researchers working in the area of business, economics and finance. The Editor of JBEF invites all manuscripts that include theoretical and/or implementive research on topics related to the interest areas of the Journal.

Title & Author(s)
The role of individual factors on online shopping behavior
Alev Kocak Alan, Ebru Tumer Kabadayi, Selen Bakis, Sabina Ibrahimovic Ildokuz
Credence to leader affecting desired level of commitment: the moderating effect of employee’s cynicism about organizational change
Ertan Gunduz
Transformational leadership and individual creativity: the mediating role of intrinsic motivation
Hülya Gündüz Çekmecelioglu, Ozgün Oztürk Ilhan, Ayse Gunsel
Development and validation of a talent management measurement instrument
Mujdelen I. Yener, F. Gulruh Gurbuz, Pinar Acar
Efficiency research with total factor productivity and determination of improvement targets
Murat Taha Bilisik, Gulizar Ozkaya Elibol
Comparison of value at risk methods: application of ISE 30
Zeynep Ilhan Dalbulak, Murat Atan, Veysel Yilmaz
Non-financial credit information sharing and non-performing loans: an analysis using doing business database
Arzu Sahin
Catching Zeitgeist: social media presence of intermediary institutions
Lale Arslan
The reflections of digitalization at organizational level: industry 4.0 in Turkey
Ayse Nurefsan Yuksel, Emine Sener

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