Journal of Business, Economics and Finance (JBEF) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly and publicaly available journal. The journal aims to provide a research source for all practitioners, policy makers and researchers working in the area of business, economics and finance. The Editor of JBEF invites all manuscripts that include theoretical and/or implementive research on topics related to the interest areas of the Journal.

Title & Author(s)
Optimal policy instrument selection in monetary policy: endogeneity of money supply
Ahmet Incekara, Akmyrat Amanov
Why companies go positive marketing innovations: a new theoretical prototype for 4Ps of innovation
Ali E. Akgun, Halit Keskin, Hayat Ayar, Tuba Etlioglu
Efficiency of the minmax portfolio on the European capital market - can we beat the market?
Almira Arnaut-Berilo, Azra Zaimovic, Mirza Sikalo
Emotional and learning capability and their impact on team performance and product innovativeness in R&D teams
Cemal Zehir, Evrim Gemici, Mahmut Kole
Tax declaration rates via audits: a prediction using Markov model
Ersin Kiral, Can Mavruk
Determination of the seafood export competitiveness: The comparative analysis of top ten countries having lion share from seafood export
Kazim Saricoban, Elif Kaya
Role of knowledge management in achieving organizational performance: Proposed framework through literature survey
Muhammad Yousaf Jamil
Do board characteristics have an impact on code of conduct handbook in a company: an evidence from Turkey
Nazlı Kepce
A comparison of the innovation performance of Turkey with the European Union
Sefer Sener, Cigdem Borke Tunali
Innovation in financial markets and its impact on savings
Tarana Azimova, Ebubekir Mollaahmetoglu
Effects of institutionalisation factors and benchmarking techniques on the firm performance
Zeynep Coskun, Erkut Altındag
Innovative entreprenuership under uncertainty
Sefer Sener, Volkan Hacioglu
Innovatıon Experıence Of Entrepreneurs Of Hıgh Tech Smes In Turkey, Dilek Demirbas
Real estate investment trusts in Turkey: structure, analysis and strategy
Ali Hepşen, Murat G. Berberoglu, Olgun Aydin

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